The Delivery Robot

A robot designed to interact with humans.

Amy – Multifunctional professional restaurant service robot. Pangolin robot designed for providing friendly and effective customer service to all guests or customers in Restaurant, Hotel Bar, Cafe & all kind of events.

Standing just under 5 feet tall, Amy provides seamless service as an office and delivery robot. She can hold up to 10kg of weight on her trays and is equipped with SLAM Tech, making navigation an ease. Perfect for offices, restaurants, and promotional settings, Amy is a robot that will stand out from the crowd.

Discover together

Amy waitress is designed for providing friendly and effective waitress service at all kinds of events. Amy waitress can greet you and offer drinks autonomously.

Powerful presets

Precision navigation to deliver dishes to designated points; The shock absorption System effectively enhances the stability of the driving process and prevents the dishes from spilling out

Hang around designated area to collect dirty dishes until loading full. Super large capacity by the help of multiple sensors, greatly reducing restaurant waiters' répétitive work pressure.

Lidar+infrared sensor+ ultrasonicsensor High précision indoor navigation, reasonably select the best route among all.

Once time set, auto back the charging pile, super long standby time up to 12 hours embedded with lithium battery.

Carried with multiple sensors, robot could be autonomously positioned in the environment.

Double tray with each loading up to 5kg, while size applicable to ail usage ranges for catering industry.

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