Our Faculty

Our Faculty

Eva Barbulescu

1 year of Expertise in Robotics and Flexible Automation

Area of Experience: Robotics and Flexible Automation | Programming for Engineers | Digital Hardware | Power Distribution Systems | Data Communications | Wireless Communication Systems | Digital Signal Processing | Microcontroller Architecture and Applications | Control Theory | Communication Systems | Embedded Systems | Signals and Systems | Physics For Engineers | Circuits and Systems


7 years of Expertise in Electronics, Robotics, Coding, Physics, Maths

Nasvi Kareen

10+ years of Experience in Programming

Courses: Robotics Engineering and all Programming Courses

Languages : English, Malayalam


5+ years of Expertise in Embedded Engineering

Courses: C and Hardware Course

Languages : English, Malayalam, Hindi.

Fathimath Thasleem T A

5+ years of Expertise in Programming and Robotics.

Courses: Robotics Engineering, Python, C, Stem Courses and Abacus

Languages :English, Malayalam

Amina Boumendiene

7+ years in Expertise in Coding 

Courses: C, Python and Java

Languages : English, Arabic, French

Abhilasha Singh

3  years of Expertise in Robotics, AI and Computer Vision

Courses: Robotics Engineering,  AI, Python, C and Stem Courses

Mohamed Jalal Al Khawam

11 years of Expertise in Mechatronics

Area of Experience: Mechatronics laboratories(Robotics, sensors, actuators). – Computer Aided design(AutoCad, Solidworks , Mechanical drawing) Damascus university, Abu Dhabi, Dubai

Ahmed Mustafa Hussein

3 years in Expertise in Python and C+

Courses: C, Python and Java


7 years of Expertise in Electronics, Robotics, Coding, Physics, Maths

Mahim Trivedi

2 years in Expertise in Robotics

Area of Experience: Robotics, electrical systems, and marine automation. Control theory, Machine learning, Human-robot interaction, Planning and decision-making, Robot design and mechanics, Navigation and mapping, Swarm robotics, Robot learning and adaptation, Robot ethics and safety