Multifunctional professional service robot

A robot designed to interact with humans.

Alice shows activities in Exhibition, Event, Showcase, Restaurant, Commercial Spaces, Convenient Bank Queuing, Handle Business. Guide shopping in supermarkets, shopping malls welcome the customers. Guide and introduce in hall, Line up, buy a ticket in cinema. Ordering a meal and guide seats in a restaurant Guide route in Airports, railway stations.

Discover together

Pleasant and likeable, Alice is much more than a robot, She is a genuine humanoid companion created to communicate with you in the most natural and intuitive way, through her body movements and her voice.

Powerful presets

Alice can recognize your face, voice, hear you and move around autonomously.

Alice has automatic obstacle avoidance, navigation, route planning.

You can also personalize your robot by downloading the software applications based on your mood or the occasion.

Your robot evolves with you. Alice gradually memories your personality traits, your preferences, and adapts herself to your tastes and habits.

Using advanced face recognition technology, to identify different character traits. She instantly recognize you like a reality, but also providing services to clients.

Alice provide various commerce services (Payment/Print/Photo print/Receipt) with flexible device expandability and connectivity.

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